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Speech and Language Therapy

Speech Generating Device/AAC Services

  • 24/7 Accessibility

  • Flexible treatment options: 

    • office based

    • home based

    • teletherapy 

  • Prompt appointment scheduling

  • Adaptive parent coaching and support


Takes2toLingo provides therapy services that are customized to each client. While working in a large private practice, I encountered many limitations (no planning time, back-to-back appointments, minimal parent education/home programs, being restricted to a single location, etc.). "There has to be a better way," I told myself. Luckily, there is!  Takes2toLingo is all about investing a little bit more to get a high quality, well-planned, individualized, and flexible treatment plan that will help your child to rapidly advance towards being the best communicator that he or she can be.



Jordan Stewart, M.A., CCC-SLP 

Licensed and Certified Speech Therapist &

AAC Specialist

I am an accomplished SLP who works with clients of all ages with diverse impairments. I know how to build a solid rapport with children and introduce them to a high level of expectations that they can rise up to meet. I seek out the most recent research to ensure that my therapy is evidence-based.


Evaluations, Treatment, and Parent Services




Get your child evaluated for speech, language, or AAC at your convenience.


Pick a custom treatment plan that best fits your child's needs. Therapy can be delivered at home or at our office.


Parents Recommend

Paula L.

I could not ask for better therapist for my daughter. Jordan is professional and extremely caring. She is also very loving and sensitive to the unique differences in each child. From the first meeting, it is very obvious that she is dedicated to the success of every child she sees and is willing to do what it takes to help them reach their best. I don't think I coud ever find a more dedicated speech therapist for my daughter. The milestones she has reached is due to Jordan's dedication to Olivia's success.

Melissa H.

Jordan is the best! She is compassionate, caring, knowledge and has quickly become a part of our family. Our two year old daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that greatly affects her speech abilities and motor function. When we met Jordan we were unfamiliar with AAC capabilities and were struggling to understand how we were going to communicate with our toddler.

Jordan introduced us to AAC capabilities and after a few meetings we were amazed to see how well our daughter was able to communicate! Jordan has been an amazing partner and been there with us every step of the way.

Due to the rarity of our daughter's condition it is often difficult to find specialists who understand her and her needs. Jordan made sure to research our daughter's diagnosis, gather information, review any information we had from other resources and remained extremely flexible and understanding of our child.

We trailed three devices (PRC, Talk to Me Technologies and Tobii) with Jordan and she really went out of her way to make sure we found the best fit for our daughter.

She genuinely cares about our daughter and our family as a whole. Our daughter has a twin that is rambunctious at times and very curious. Jordan makes sure to include our other daughter when possible to make our special toddler feels connected with us and further drive home the true importance of communication to her.

As we continue down this new path with a special needs child we know we can count on Jordan to light the way and help our daughter to better communicate with not only us but the world.

Kelly D.

I found Ms. Jordan for my son after trying a different larger local speech therapy group and couldn’t be happier with the decision. She so clearly makes an effort to customize sessions and adapt to fit the temperament and attention span of the day. We do plenty of practice and learning but in a way that feels fun and incorporates games to where the child stays engaged and excited to return. We have seen a marked improvement in his speech within a short few months…where before he struggled to be understood with about 40-50% of his speech we now understand about 80% or more! It has worked wonders for our family and we now see him feeling confident enough to try out bigger, more complex words and phrases. He is also much less frustrated now that he is able to communicate and be understood, so there are behavior improvements as well. It’s an added bonus that the sessions take place in her home office which makes for a comfortable and secure environment that isn’t overwhelming (unlike some of the larger centers and firms). Ms. Jordan has so many toys and learning aids and often sends home activities and worksheets that we can use for home practice. No two sessions have been the same! For us, there is no end to the benefit we have seen with Ms. Jordan and we feel so fortunate to have found her. Highly recommend.

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