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FES/Gardiner Provider

Takes2toLingo is now a
Family Empowerment Scholarship
for Students with Unique Abilities
(formerly Gardiner) Provider!

Takes2toLingo, LLC is an approved Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES) for Students with Unique Abilities (formerly Gardiner) provider. This special needs scholarship is a helpful resource for Florida children who are in need of our services, but are unable to receive them through private pay.

What is the FES for Students with Unique Abilities Scholarship?

According to the Florida Depatment of Education, this scholarship:


"is known as an Educational Savings Account (ESA) and functions like a bank account where you can withdraw funds to pay for your child’s education, including Tuition/Fees for Private School or Homeschooling, textbooks, tutoring, therapies and more."

How much is it worth?

The funding is based on a revised formula and can be viewed here.

Eligibility Criteria

To receive the scholarship your child must:

  • be a Florida resident

  • be at least 3 years of age before September 1st of the current calendar year

  • have a completed IEP or received a diagnosis of a disability from a physician

  • NOT be attenting a public school

  • If there is no diagnosed disability, your child may be considered "high risk" which means:

    • They are 3-5 years old with one or more of the following:​

      • A developmental delay in cognition, language, or physicial development​

      • A survivor or a catostrophic infectious or traumatic illness known to be associated with developmental delay

      • A child with a parent or guardian with developmental disabilities who requires assistance in meeting the child's developmental needs

      • A child who has a physical or genetic anomaly associated with developmental disability

How to Apply

Simply click here to get started!

Feel free to contact the following resources for further questions:

A.A.A. Scholarship Foundation

Phone: 888-707-2465

Step Up for Students

Phone: 877-735-7837

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